In case you missed it – publishing open access saves lives

Adeline Rosenberg

To celebrate Open Access Week 2020, Open Pharma teamed up with NetworkPharma and MedComms Networking to host an expert panel discussion on multi-stakeholder perspectives on open access publishing of pharma-sponsored research.

Last Wednesday, Chris Winchester (CEO of Oxford PharmaGenesis and co-founder of Open Pharma) joined Peter Llewellyn at NetworkPharma and MedComms Networking to facilitate a lively discussion on everything open access. The multi-stakeholder panel included perspectives from pharma, publishing and patient advocacy from Valérie Philippon (Takeda), Gavin Sharrock (Wiley) and Durhane Wong-Rieger (Canadian Organization for Rare Disorders), respectively. For those who missed it, a recording of the discussion is available on demand for free at and on YouTube.

The discussion was directed and informed by questions from the Zoom chat box and through the Q&A function. Topics largely fell into three overall categories:

  • the benefits of open access publishing and improving equity
  • open access mandates and barriers to implementing open access
  • accessibility and plain language summaries.

Keep an eye out for future blog posts covering each of these topics in more depth!