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Benchmarking open access

Open Pharma’s position statement emphasizes the importance of publishing research open access to ensure that the highest-quality, peer-reviewed evidence is available to anyone who needs it, anywhere in the world, without charge.

Publishing new research findings open access promptly helps to improve transparency, fosters trust in research, accelerates advances in medical science and, we believe, ultimately improves patient care.

Benchmarking the percentage of journal articles published open access (also called ‘the open access rate’) and observing how open access publication patterns change over time will help us to understand the barriers to open access publishing in different medical research settings and set objective targets for increasing open access equity. 

To observe the differences in open access publishing in articles with authors affiliated to pharma companies and universities, we created an automated, live, online dashboard using the Lens platform.  


Key summary findings from our open access dashboard, first presented at the Annual Meeting of the International Society for Medical Publication Professionals 2023.


How we compare open access rates, types and licences between journal articles with authors affiliated with pharma companies and those with authors affiliated with universities.

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See how open access publication patterns change over time overall and within several therapy areas.