Open Pharma weekly digest

Amy Williams

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Sci-Hub study suggests publishers’ embargoes ‘not viable’ via Times Higher Education

An introduction to Sci-Hub, ‘the Napster of scholarly publishing’, which outlines the argument against open access embargo periods.


Wellcome Open Research author survey results via the Wellcome Open Research blog

A round-up of findings and feedback from authors on the platform’s first 6 months and 63 articles.


Why Transparency Matters via Medical Publishing Insights and Practices (MPIP)

An introduction to MPIP’s new Transparency Matters initiative, which aims to raise awareness of the importance of transparent reporting in maintaining the credibility of industry-sponsored research.


Report: ‘Towards a competitive and sustainable OA market in Europe’ via the OpenAIRE blog

An overview of the recently released report examining the prevalence of open-access publishing  and the main barriers faced by those aiming to meet the EU Council’s goal of achieving instant open access as a default by 2020.


Citation performance indicators: a very short introduction via The Scholarly Kitchen

A summary of some of the ways in which citation performance is measured, and the pros and cons of each.


Figuring out a handshake via Physics World

A novel proposal to balance the incentives at play in scientific publishing, this piece attempts to solve the so-called ‘replication crisis’.


Artificial intelligence applications in scientific publishing via the BioMed Central blog

A review of the findings of a report from SpotOn on how artificial intelligence could revolutionize peer review.


iD display guidelines for journals now released via the ORCiD blog

This post outlines the newly released recommended ORCiD iD format, which should be used by journals when presenting ORCiD identifiers alongside authors.