Overview: Open Pharma workstream kick-off meetings

Amy Williams

The first Open Pharma workstream meetings took place last week. The collated key insights and next steps can be found below. If you would like to get involved, please refer to our contacts page.

Workstream 1: Open access

Key insights Next steps
Before driving change, we need to define what we mean by open access Define open access publishing and the spectrum of options
Academic authors are unfamiliar with novel journal and publishing options Collate educational background materials that pharmaceutical companies can use with authors
Academic authors prefer to publish in prestigious journals, regardless of their open access policy Investigate open access policies for the most prestigious journals

Workstream 2: ORCID, CRediT and Convey

Key insights Next steps
Information about ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor ID) needs to become more freely available to pharmaceutical companies Develop a value proposition for the pharmaceutical industry
We need to learn more about Convey,
CRediT (Contributor Roles Taxonomy)and other systems of innovation
Invite speakers from Convey and/or CRediT to present at the next workstream meeting

Workstream 3: Preprints and post-publication peer review

Key insights Next steps
Pharmaceutical companies face the same pressure as academic authors to publish in high impact factor journals Workstream participants to look into DORA (Declaration on Research Assessment) and consider signing
There are potential legal/regulatory issues with the use of preprints/post-publication peer review Individual companies to discuss with their in-house legal teams
Oxford PharmaGenesis to approach regulators
Industry is keen to use these new models but needs guidance on how to do this without causing additional problems Invite new speakers currently working with preprints/post-publication peer review models
Investigate journal and pharmaceutical industry positions on preprints and post-publication peer review

Workstream 4: Layered publication platforms

Key insights Next steps
Before driving change, a clarification of what we want from a layered publication platform is needed Devise and agree a model for a layered publication platform
We need to identify existing models that we can use as a basis for moving forwards Analyse current platforms integrating relevant information
The pharmaceutical industry will be subject to unique obstacles that will need to be overcome Develop a report including an action plan