Update on Open Pharma workstreams: June 2017

Laura Schmidt

Since the launch of Open Pharma in January 2017, groups of stakeholders have convened on a monthly basis to explore how to implement positive changes in scientific publishing across four key areas: open access; ORCID, CRediT and Convey; preprints and post-publication peer review; and layered publication platforms. The collated key insights and next steps from our workstream meetings in June can be found below. If you would like to get involved, please refer to our contacts page.

Workstream 1: Open access

Key insights Next steps
The language surrounding open access is vague and inconsistent across journals and publishers, regardless of their prestige Clarify the terminology used by journals of interest as a starting point for the development of educational materials for academic authors
Academic authors are unfamiliar with novel journal and publishing options Discuss the needs of pharma in relation to open access and to educating authors at our next meeting


Workstream 2: ORCID, CRediT and Convey

Key insights Next steps
We need to understand how and whether ORCID and CRediT can/should be integrated into the publishing process to meet the needs of stakeholders Develop and circulate a survey to assess the value of ORCID and/or CRediT to stakeholders from different organizations


Liaise with Laura Paglione (ORCID) and Liz Allen (F1000Research; CRediT) to discuss opportunities for collaborations

We need to learn more about Convey and other innovations Invite speakers from Convey to present at the next workstream meeting


Workstream 3: Preprints and post-publication peer review

Key insights Next steps
Preprints can increase the speed and transparency of publishing, but they are not always appropriate for pharma publications Pharma participants to consider which types of papers could be published as preprints
Closer engagement with pharma participants
is needed to move this workstream forward
Oxford PharmaGenesis to promote closer and more varied collaboration with industry partners
Preprint platforms are starting to work more closely with journals to enable one-click submissions from preprint platforms to journals


Workstream 4: Layered publication platforms

Key insights Next steps
The pharma perspective is of key importance in this area Confirm buy-in from a broader group of pharma representatives
Stakeholder needs can be met by integrating existing platforms Explore a wider range of existing platforms
Funder-driven platforms offer a new way to share all of the research outputs developed
by an institution