Weekly digest: Open Pharma at ISMPP Europe, storytelling and new OSI dataset

Mark Elms

This week, we highlight our roundtable sessions from the 2024 European Meeting of ISMPP! We also share our recent blog post on the importance of storytelling in research communications. We read about a new OSI dataset from PLOS, about the upcoming OASPA recommendations for open access equity, and about open science in the field of cardiology. We also hear the reactions of three global society publishers to cOAlition S’s Towards responsible publishing proposal. Finally, we share an initiative from ASAPbio to convert journal clubs into preprint review clubs.

To engage with:

The rapidly changing face of open access: an Open Pharma roundtable via Open Pharma

In this roundtable session that we moderated at the 2024 European Meeting of the International Society for Medical Publication Professionals (ISMPP), we discussed how open access is evolving and explored publication options that maximize the impact of your content. Mediated by our very own Amber Tear (Senior Medical Writer at Oxford PharmaGenesis) and Joana Osório (Communications Consultant at Oxford PharmaGenesis) and in collaboration with Open Pharma Members, we discussed traditional and emerging open access models, copyright licences and content ownership. Watch this space to learn about the outcomes of this roundtable!

Where are the data? A shared view on data sharing: an Open Pharma roundtable via Open Pharma

In our second roundtable session at the 2024 European Meeting of ISMPP, we gave attendees the chance to share their experiences of following journal data sharing policies when submitting industry-sponsored research for publication. Mediated by our very own Kim Johnson (Senior Account Manager at Oxford PharmaGenesis) and Vicky Sanders (Communications Consultant at Oxford PharmaGenesis) and in collaboration with Open Pharma Members, we discussed case studies with specific challenges, as well as their outcomes, impact and solutions. We will share the outcomes of this roundtable in the next few weeks!

To read:

Storytelling: bringing research to life via Open Pharma | 8-minute read

Storytelling is having a zeitgeist moment in research communications. ISMPP has even selected storytelling as the central theme of its annual meeting in April this year. In this Open Pharma blog post, Melinda Kenneway (Co-founder and CEO of Kudos) highlights the importance of storytelling for research publications and discusses some evidence-based storytelling techniques that can make research more accessible and engaging for a wider audience.

PLOS releases a new OSI dataset via PLOS | 3-minute read

In December, PLOS released the latest Open Science Indicators (OSI) dataset.  The new dataset includes data on research articles up to 30 September 2023 and features the addition of data from articles published in 2018, the integration of Dimensions’ Fields of Research categories to make the data more searchable, and general improvements to the data extraction algorithm. The next OSI dataset is expected in March 2024.

OASPA recommendations on increasing equity in open access via OASPA | 8-minute read

As we begin 2024, the Open Access Scholarly Publishing Association (OASPA) has set out its vision for increasing equity in open access in a set of draft recommendations aimed at publishing organizations. This article shares how the recommendations came to be, why equity in open access is important, and what the next steps for the recommendations are. OASPA expects to release the finalized recommendations in the coming months.

At the heart of open science: a cardiology viewpoint via Open Heart | 20-minute read

This article, published in Open Heart, presents the results of a survey of an international group of cardiovascular researchers to gather their perceptions and practices relating to open science. With almost 200 respondents, the survey results showed that the majority of cardiovascular researchers did not have any institutionally mandated open science training or practical support. The survey also highlighted a number of barriers to open science practices, including worries about preprints and materials sharing.

Global society publishers react to cOAlition S proposal via The Scholarly Kitchen | 4-minute read

At the end of 2023, cOAlition S released its Towards responsible publishing proposal, which proposes a move away from traditional publishing models towards a researcher-led publishing ecosystem. This article presents the joint reaction to the proposal of three global society publishers, IOP Publishing, AIP Publishing and the American Physical Society. While the publishers support “the general proposition that scientific publishing must strive to improve”, they believe that the proposal “misrepresents the [current] academic publishing system, and fails to recognize the valuable role that society publishers … play”.

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Convert your journal club into a preprint review club! via ASAPbio

The journal club is a mainstay in most academic research settings. However, the discussions that take place in these journal clubs – which are basically a form of peer review – almost always stay within the confines of the room and are not shared with the authors of the publication. To allow these discussions to be shared with authors, ASAPbio is launching an initiative to convert existing journal clubs into preprint review clubs that perform and share peer reviews of preprints. You can apply for support from ASAPbio for your journal club here!

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