Weekly digest: the latest news on topics important to Open Pharma

Amy Williams

Featuring the launch of ChemRxiv, an introduction to open access and an overview of preprint resources.

ChemRxiv preprint server launched for chemistry research via Digital Science

An announcement of the launch this week of ChemRxiv, the latest repository to be inspired by arXiv, which enables researchers in chemistry to post their preprints on a dedicated server.

A beginner’s guide to open access via Wonkhe

Open access publishing is growing at an astonishing rate, and with this growth have come new definitions, approaches and platforms. This article provides an introduction to this rapidly evolving aspect of the publishing industry.

Gates Open Research article guidelines released via Gates Open Research

Ahead of the full launch of the online platform in September, Gates Open Research has released these article guidelines and begun accepting offline submissions.

Is a transition to open access financially sustainable for journals? via Open Science

As journals begin to break away from big-name publishers with the aim of being able to offer fairly priced open access options to researchers, this article looks at the feasibility of these moves from a financial perspective and argues that, without a significant alternative funding stream, this goal may not be achievable.

Make your ORCID identifier work for you! via ORCID

Here are six easy ways that your ORCID identifier can help you to build a comprehensive publications record with minimal effort.

How do altmetrics tally with more traditional metrics of scholarly achievement? via Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research

This study looks at the correlation between alternative and traditional metrics of a paper’s performance. The authors conclude that correlation is limited, but note that altmetrics are available far more quickly.

Tumor Biology delisted by Web of Science index via Retraction Watch

A report on the decision by Clarivate Analytics’ Web of Science to stop indexing articles published in the journal Tumor Biology after 107 published papers were retracted this year alone because of faked peer reviews.

The full cost of open access publishing via Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology

This study examines the complex landscape of gold open access for higher education institutions in the UK, and the rising expenditure on this category of access.

When will preprints take off in medicine? via Open Pharma

This blog post from Open Pharma provides introductory and educational resources about what preprints are and how they can be best used.


Image: Armin Kübelbeck, CC-BY-SA, Wikimedia Commons