Weekly digest: the latest news on topics important to Open Pharma

Amy Williams

Featuring the importance of trust-building for pharma, a study of open access usage patterns and an argument for peer reviewing preprints

Building trust in medicines via the BMJ

This speech, delivered by Joe Freer, highlights the difficulties in evaluating drug efficacy when so many healthcare professionals and members of the public distrust research funded by pharmaceutical companies.

Academic, economic and societal impacts of open access via Science Open

This article, currently undergoing post-publication peer review at F1000 Research, aims to make an evidence-based case for open access.

What if you could peer-review the arXiv? via the Science Open blog

Approximately 90% of the preprints on arXiv are available via the Open Science platform. This blog is an investigation into the idea that peer review could take place on the preprint server itself, without ever being submitted to a journal.

Knowledge Unlatched expands into STEM subjects via Knowledge Unlatched

Knowledge Unlatched uses crowdfunding to offset the costs of open access publishing, providing support to libraries, publishers, authors and readers. It was announced this week that the remit of Knowledge Unlatched would be extended to STEM subjects in 2018.

‘Trust me, I’m from the pharmaceutical industry?’ via PMLiVE

This article discusses the problems of trust between the public and the pharmaceutical industry when it comes to relationship disclosures among healthcare professionals. Transparency is not enough to dispel fears, but this article argues that it is a positive step towards ultimately gaining public trust.

Who supports open access publishing? via Scientometrics journal

A recent survey of UK academics found that although 93% of researchers support open access in principle, only 41% have themselves published an open access article. This paper analyses the patterns and trends in open access publishing, and why support might fall short of participation.