Weekly digest: what’s happening in open science?

Amy Williams

Featuring Health Research Board Open Research, the international traction of Open Access 2020 and a report on open data.

Health Research Board to adopt Open Research platform  via Health Research Board

This week, the Health Research Board became the latest funding body to announce their plans to launch an ‘Open Research’ platform such as that used by the Wellcome Trust and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. This is an exciting step towards a new paradigm of publishing, driven by funders.

Chinese research organization gets on board with Open Access 2020  via Open Access 2020

The National Science Library at the Chinese Academy of Sciences has signed the Open Access 2020 Expression of Interest, making it the first Chinese research organization to do so. A total of 92 research organizations from 28 countries have signed on so far, showing the receptiveness of the international academic community to open access.

How to make the most of alternative metrics  via The Publication Plan

The  methods by which research impact can be measured using technology have proliferated in recent years, but it can be hard to know the real meaning of each new metric. This piece focuses on the Leiden Manifesto for Research Metrics, a report that acts as a guide to help researchers understand alternative metrics and use them effectively.

Ubiquity Press announce open source repository pilot via Ubiquity Press

Ubiquity press have announced that they will pilot an open source, community-oriented repository for research published in their journals in order to facilitate scholarly discourse around research published on their site.

Open data is on the rise via Research Information

Open data is a hot topic at the moment, and increasingly popular with advocates of open science. This Figshare report illustrates the growth in open data in recent years, presenting key findings from the recently published ‘State of Open Data’ report.

Open access without tears 2017 via Inside Higher Education

This article looks at how best to publish open access, ‘without breaking the bank, breaking the law, or risking your reputation’.