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Amy Williams

Would you like to share information or a point of view with the Open Pharma community?

We would be pleased to consider submissions to our blog on any aspect of open science relevant to pharma. Get in touch to discuss your idea with us!

Do take a look at a few examples of previous guest posts for inspiration.

Editorial policy

  • Open Pharma blog post authors have personal responsibility for their own opinion and will be given a guest login so that they are clearly identified as the author.
  • Posts do not express the views of Open Pharma as a group or of any of the individuals or organizations in it unless specifically stated otherwise.
  • Authors are welcome to provide a short description of their organization if they wish
  • Authors are responsible for any approvals that need to be obtained from their own organization.
  • Content may not be promotional in tone or content.
  • Please contact Open Pharma with your idea before you start writing your piece.
  • Oxford PharmaGenesis will lightly copy edit your draft and will send it back to you for revisions and approval; we will then format the blog post, proofread it and publish it.
  • Please do provide or suggest an image or several images for your piece, but make sure that you have full permission to use them, or that they are licensed under CC BY or CC0.
  • Authors retain copyright over their work under a CC BY licence.
  • Please do provide as many references and hyperlinks as you like.
  • Posts are typically around 500 words in length, but, as long as it is interesting, we don’t mind if your post is 100 or 1000 words!