Ipsen at the forefront of increasing accessibility of medical research

Alan Cowland

Today at the Virtual 2022 European Meeting of ISMPP, Ipsen have announced their commitment to publishing plain language summaries with all of their journal publications containing human data from July 2022.

Ipsen committed to publishing its scientific research open access in 2019. From July 2022, Ipsen will take this a step further by publishing plain language summaries for all of its company-sponsored journal publications that include data from human studies. Approximately two-thirds of all of Ipsen’s annual publications are anticipated to include plain language summaries as part of this new policy. As a minimum, all journal publications with human data will include a 250-word plain language summary, as proposed in the Open Pharma recommendations on plain language summaries.

Companies producing regulatory lay language summaries reporting the results of clinical trials have provided the first step in wider engagement. The extension to plain language summaries of all publications involving human data represents the next landmark in developing public awareness, understanding and critical appraisal of the scientific landscape. The announcement made by Ipsen today highlights the company’s commitment to taking that next step to strengthening trust and transparency between medical professionals and the public.