Open Pharma launches data sharing needs assessment survey

Alison Chisholm, Joana Osório

Today, Open Pharma launches a needs assessment survey with a focus on journal data sharing requirements for pharma-sponsored research publications.

To participate, follow this link:

The needs assessment aims to gain insight into the realities of submitting pharma-sponsored research for publication in peer reviewed journals, with a view to understanding if there are barriers to implementing current journal data sharing policies.

Data sharing requirements are now a prerequisite for publication of pharma research in most biomedical journals. Specific requirements vary by journal but can include: 

  • submitting data sharing plans (developed at time of trial registration) 
  • uploading genetic or proteomic data to databases, such as the European Genome-phenome Archive, prior to publication and including accession numbers/access identifiers in the publication 
  • including data sharing statements within the publication 
  • making data sets available post publication via platforms such as Clinical Study Data Request and Vivli.   

Open Pharma developed the survey in recognition of the need to strike the right balance between the benefits of coordinated data sharing (e.g. improved research transparency and efficiency of research) and the potential risks to patient privacy. In some instances, intellectual property and data ownership may also be relevant considerations. Achieving an appropriate and ethical balance between timely publication of biomedical research, data access and patient confidentiality requires a thorough understanding of current data sharing policies, potential barriers to implementation, and relevant safeguards.

The results of the survey will be made public and will be used to inform future collaborative projects with journals and publishers to optimize current data sharing policies for the benefit of all.

The needs assessment can be completed by anyone who has been involved in submitting a pharma-sponsored research manuscript to a peer-reviewed biomedical research journal, or in developing or fulfilling journal data sharing statements. That involvement may have taken any form, including (but not limited to) being an author, study sponsor, data sharing expert, or medical writer.

To participate, follow this link:

Open Pharma thanks the International Society for Medical Publication Professionals (ISMPP) and the ISMPP Global Transparency & Trends Committee for their support in reviewing and refining the questions in this survey.