Open Pharma's open access dashboard search terms

Key search terms

Lens report search queries

Search queries select for published journal articles that:

  • have authors that are affiliated to either:
    • the top 40 universities according to Leiden Ranking of scientific performance, or
    • the top 40 pharma companies by research and development expenditure.
  • have been published within a specified date range
  • have a ‘field of study’ index that matches either:
    • any from a list of key medical search terms to capture all relevant medical articles
    • any from subgroups from a list of key medical search terms or ‘therapy areas’, allowing selection of medical journal articles that relate to certain sub-topics.

We used a combination of expert consultation and test search queries to define a list of key medical search terms and categorized these terms by therapy area.

Each query outputs open access rates, types and licences of relevant published articles in report charts.

Key search terms

Queries in the Lens had US English spelling of medical terms.
COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease